Luluco is your average young girl, living in a not-so-average town filled with alien residents. Her father works patrolling the town and enforcing the law on all species present. In the middle school she attends, aliens and humans intermingle as students as well as staff. Even more unusual, Her estranged mother is a deadly space pirate terrorizing the stars.

She yearns for a normal life for her and her father, and when he becomes frozen solid before his shift begins at work, Luluco desperately seeks a remedy. She turns for help from father’s manager, who only suggests they hire someone new now that he is unable to work. This being how Luluco lands her first job.

During her school exam, her patrol equipment seems to have a mind of its own; revealing the true capabilities of the Space Patrol. She figured her life couldn’t get any stranger, all dreams of a normal life disappear. To further add to her bizarre new life a “transfer student”, Nova, crash lands into her classroom, later informing her that he is also a Space Patrol agent.

Though she is not living the normal, calm life she had hoped for, her life finally begins to stabilize, as her new colleague is able to give her the one thing that we all desire; love.


In between the shootouts with villains and traveling through various dimensions, nothing gets Luluco’s heart beating faster than when she gets close to Nova. Do you remember those moments? You change seats in class and you end up right next to your crush? Or maybe a few choice words exchanged with your crush at work? It seems there is no greater rush in the world than those little moments between two people falling in love.

What SPL does so well about examining this universally understood situation is expressing the growing feelings and ultimate the realization of love itself. While Luluco’s feelings for Nova grows, a small but precious jewel starts to form within her. This stone, also known as an Aflutter stone, also represents her innocent feelings of love for Nova, superficial they may be. As time and episodes past, the stone grows in size. Until finally, in a twisted act of betrayal, Nova steals the jewel for a larger, more sinister plot. As one thing leads to another, the invaluable Aflutter stone and Luluco’s initial feelings are smashed to pieces. Can you recall the moment when your heart was broken by that person? How the doubt and pain made you question your feelings to even begin with and it’s a terrible feeling for anyone.

As Luluco deals with the pain and tragedy of the situation, she meets someone who has some very good advice for her, in Hell, of all places. Love is a powerful and important feeling to many of us, especially our first. We all probably remember our first true loves and what they mean to us all. That’s why when something happens to shake that bond, people need to overcome it by coming together and reminding each other why they are together in the first place: Love. No matter how hard it is, or how many pieces it was broken into, in can be born new again by the power of love.


Luluco aims to go back to land of the living and confess her love for Nova to finally understand if her feelings are heard, and if she will receive the same feelings back. Upon exchanging words with Nova, we come to find out that after a drastic change within him, that he does love her too! Yet the joy of such things are such short, as is true in life.

“Why must we part?!”, Luluco sobs for the last time for Nova. “So we can meet again.”, as his final words land with bittersweet impact upon Luluco, and resonates powerfully within the viewers, I come to realize that love is continuously cycling. From with and without, highs and lows, yet there will always be that feeling of love that comes back again and again, stronger than before, more luminescent and sheen. Protect what is important to you, but dont be afraid to open up your heart because the last one slammed it shut. There is always another day and someone who will have you feel like you’re flying through the stars. FIGHT FOR LOVE!!!

///And that’s my romantic analysis on the symbols to me in SPL for Valentine’s day! lol probably went too deep, or maybe some of you feel me! But happy Valentine’s day everyone from the Indica League! Show everyone a little love!