T-minis 10 mins. Ready to kick this party off! #animeawards pic.twitter.com/tec8itGIy9

— Adam Sheehan (@neumaverick) January 29, 2017

(This is my first post on Ani-tay, but more to come soon!)

With hundreds of fans filling the Folsom Foundry on Saturday night, and the line continuing around the block, we knew we had underestimated the strength of our local community. As a friend and myself head towards the back of the line, we can hear the entrants buzzing with excitement. I had recently found out that Crunchyroll was based in my neighboring city of San Francisco, and hearing about their first ever award show and party, I knew I couldn’t miss this. Admission was waived for premium members, who received free drinks, or 5$ at the door, from the moment we entered the vibe of the party was positive and lively. Getting inside perhaps an hour after doors opened, in time for the first and most major announcement of the night: Anime of the Year. With the winner going to Yuri on ice (congrats btw), most of the crowd seemed to be glad that it won, with a few sarcastic, if not good spirited comments, coming from here and there. For myself, I didn’t finish the series in it’s entirety, but I did appreciate it’s seamless animation in the beginning of the series, and it’s honesty about relationships in a different light, I applaud it’s win and am happy for it’s fans.

This party has been quite epic! #AnimeAwards pic.twitter.com/se4eAlT9ei

— Adam Sheehan (@neumaverick) January 29, 2017


The rest of the night was pretty interesting as well, the wait at the bar was lengthy to say the least, but luckily for us we had things to talk about with the patrons around us, and our Japanese DJ for the night was spinning a good mix of OPs/EDs mixed with some EDM, Trap, and hip-hop. It was such a good time with smiles all around, fans engaging with each other and letting loose for a night. It really broke the otaku stigma of the anti-social homebodies that some, if not all of us, have been associated with in one way or another during our time in this often wonderful, but seldom known community. The gaming booths had the on-topic fighting games, DBZ and Naruto, which were popular throughout the night and the Naruto game premiered the new Boruto DLC which must’ve been a treat for the fans in attendance. Free tee shirts near the entrance were given out on behalf of Crunchyroll as well, featuring the categories for the rest of the award nominations, oddly enough though, only AotY was announced at the party.

The party was a huge success in my eyes, and I was able to get a glimpse at just a small part of our anime community and how connected we all really are thru a company like Crunchyroll. Looking forward to the next event in San Francisco, and you can bet you can catch me there!